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A Big Success of Nutrarex’s Exhibits at BIO Asia

Nutrarex has been dedicated to the nutraceutical segment for a long time.  Nutrarex has been deepening its businesses by offering contract manufacturing services of nutraceutical products for overseas customers wherever China and the rest of the world and for local customers based in Taiwan, coupled with premium ingredients supplied.  Nutrarex is delighted to attend the […]

Bland Life Resulted From A Liver Of Malfunction

Cheers of alcohol are commonly seen in social parties during Chinese New Year and the end of a year. For stay-up-late activities, alcohols can hardly be avoided. Thus, alcoholic liver can never be an overlooked issue. Daily cares of liver and avoid liver diseases and chronic hepatitis to maintain the healthy life. Liver is the […]

Time To Take End-of-season Skin Cares

Recently, the skin condition has not been satisfactory with the unstable weather. Dry, itchy, oily and red skins are often encountered to bring the difficulty of absorbing skincare products. Attention! Those abovementioned conditions are indicating the problem warning of skin defense! Thus, it is suggested to promote the inside-the-body maintenance. Collagen is a key component […]